Offering services and products for the needs and safety of the end user, DURUTEKS was founded in Ankara in 1991 with a qualified, entrepreneurial and socially responsible spirit. Since 1991; In addition to its services in the fields of health, medical textile, search-rescue, fire / fire and security, it has started domestic production in the direction of developments in the perception of threat existing in our country and in the world, and has taken its place in the sector by offering system solutions with its wider product portfolio.

Since its establishment, it has been the distributor of international leading companies and has provided the most up-to-date and qualified products needed in terms of regional and border security to users both in our country and in the Turkic Republics.

Our Mission
Preparing projects, meeting their personal and corporate needs in a timely manner in line with their position in the sector, while keeping them at the highest level of human and environmental protection sensitivity in products and applications.
Our Vision
To become a leading company in the field where it specializes with the experience we have accumulated over the years, to contribute locally to the production of qualified products and to keep the level of international and competent brands at a high level.
Our Quality Policy
To cooperate with the best companies in the industry, to fulfill the requirements of the relevant international and national standards, technical specifications and regulations, and to respond to the expectations completely by providing a reliable and reliable service.

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